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    Posted on Dec 3, 2012

    Jason Biggs Had Frosted Tips At Some Point In The '90s: A Tribute

    As seen in the movie Boys And Girls.

    Have you ever been so sick that you barely have the strength to browse through Netflix and watch the first thing you find that appeals to you? That was me, this past weekend, with a movie called Boys And Girls. It's a good thing I stumbled upon it because HOLY FROSTED TIPS!!!

    Frosted tips alert!!

    Bask in the glory of them.

    Look at how pointy they are.

    How perfectly coiffed they are.

    Enjoy them from behind (with special guest Freddie Prinze, Jr. playing a whiny nerd!)

    Enjoy them when suddenly, without notice, the tips are dyed red!

    Then green!

    Ladies liked the green.

    Then purple!

    Then, by the end of the movie, Jason's tips looked like this:

    A dark purple? Black? I can't even tell.

    Jason Biggs's Frosted Tips.

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