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    James Franco "Tattooed" Elizabeth Taylor Onto His Freshly Shaved Head

    It's quite a look.

    Two days ago James shared this "before" photo.

    And here's "after."

    He later shared this picture — which didn't make a whole lot of sense at the time.

    But then Franco showed up at the Venice Film Festival like this.

    AFP / Getty Images
    AFP / Getty Images TIZIANA FABI


    Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultr Ian Gavan

    Who are these two people on the back of Franco's head?

    AFP / Getty Images TIZIANA FABI

    The Daily Mail was quick to point out this 1951 still of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift from A Place In The Sun.

    Paramount /

    And for the record: the character Franco shaved his head for in Zeroville has the very same tattoo.

    AFP / Getty Images TIZIANA FABI
    TIZIANA FABI/AFP / Getty Images

    So in a way, this whole look makes some kind of sense?

    ...Or maybe we've just been Franco'd.

    AFP / Getty Images / TIZIANA FABI

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