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A Bra You Can Keep Your iPhone In

The JoeyBra can fit credit cards, keys, cash, and an entire iPhone discreetly in the sides of the bra. Great idea or greatest idea?

The Kickstarter project describes the JoeyBra as such:

Don't want to carry anything, but still want to feel sexy? JoeyBra works with or without items, making it the perfect go-to bra. With our patent-pending design, we have concealed the pockets so that you are the only one who will know it's even there.

Our unique product allows women to finally ditch the purse and opt for freedom. JoeyBra, a sexy pocketed bra, offers two discreet pockets on the sides of the bra. While maintaining a low-profile and without changing the shape or fit of the bra, our pockets can carry a phone, ID & credit card, and a key.

It can hold iPhones!

And credit cards!

iPod minis!

and ...iTunes giftcards?

...but what if you're a sweaty person?

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