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55 Things That Happened Inside Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

It was impressively awesome (and we were there). Here's how it all went down.

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5. ...but it didn't distract from the mood. Just ask ultimate '90s couple Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy!


9. The important folks were seated downstairs.


11. Once seated, you never even had to get up: Women in hot pants and referee shirts served free beer to everyone all night long.

Whitney Jefferson / BuzzFeed

It may or may not have been a contributing factor to how insanely rowdy the crowd was.

13. Louis CK told a story* about Howard saving him from drowning in a pool at Boston University.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

A very fake story that ended with "and then he came on my face."


20. ...and was escorted out soon after the show began.

Tan mom being removed from #howard by the NYPD


22. Speaking of Rosie! She buried the hatchet with Howard, sang a song, and exclaimed, "Pumpkin Head loves you!"

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

She even sang, "If he were a girl we'd make lesbian love." Video here.

23. David Letterman and Howard had a rousing interview that was surely legendary (but barely audible over the loud crowd).

Whitney Jefferson / BuzzFeed

Don't they realize Dave is a legend and that some quality programming is happening here??!?!??! At least Mark McGrath got it.

25. ...and when asked by Howard how she felt about that fact, Barbara Walters smiled and gave a thumbs up.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

There is no photo evidence of this exchange happening but we saw it with our own eyes. Magic.

31. And during John Mayer's set, Robert Downey Jr. took a photo with Johnny Knoxville and Tracy Morgan.

32. Lena Dunham was there too.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

She gave Howard one of the best roasts of the night by responding to when he said she looked like Jonah Hill and that she "should be intimidated" because her boyfriend could be getting hotter women? She called him a caricature of a female Jewish horse and responded to the Jonah Hill quip with, "No, I'm not intimidated. My boyfriend is a HUGE Moneyball fan."

34. And sat next to Jemima Kirke — so it was basically Girls IRL.

35. Steven Tyler and Heidi Klum did this.

41. The guys from The League were there.

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