How To Throw An English Garden Party Like Gwyneth Paltrow

What you are about to see involves Gwyneth doing “Gangnam Style.” Tread lightly.

Gwyneth Paltrow just unleashed a video of the goop-iest, most “authentic” English Garden Party that Long Island has surely ever seen. Herewith, all the inspiration you can take from the overly filtered video to make your own twee garden party of your dreams.

2. Keep the cocktails flowing.

3. Serve delightfully tiny treats.

4. Do “Gangnam Style.”

5. Check to see if Sarah Jessica Parker is having a good time. Check!

6. Gather the children and let them entertain you.

7. Let your daughter entertain a crowd of people — but only while wearing a mask, like Michael Jackson would.

(That’s Apple, right?)

8. Check to see if Cameron Diaz is having a good time. Check!

9. Invite your most fashionable friend with a fashionable baby. Hi, Rachel Zoe!

10. Make sure the music’s just right.

11. And there should be lots of it.

12. Check to see if your mom, Blythe Danner, is having a good time. Check!

13. Enlist celebrity trainer and personal BFF Tracy Anderson to entertain the youngsters.

14. Offer sporting matches like well-dressed croquette…

15. and fashionable badminton.

16. Make sure your husband Chris Martin isn’t scheduled to play a gig.

17. And most importantly, make sure Paul McCartney is having a good time. Check!

18. Here’s the video in full:

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