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    How To Take A Hawaiian Vacation Like Bai Ling

    Bai Ling is currently in Wakiki and it looks like she hired a photographer to come along with her. What can we learn from this unfortunate situation?

    Drink water like this:

    Find a canoe and pose in it like this:

    Draw lines in the sand like this:

    Eat ice cream like this:

    Dance around in the water like this:

    Smile at people who notice you like this:

    Text in the sand like this:

    Wear heels like this:

    Don't let the locals scare you like this:

    Walk around with one hand on your butt like this:

    Pose on some rocks like this:

    Enjoy the sights:

    Be one of the sights:

    Now rejoice!

    You've just learned all of Bai Ling's vacation tips!

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