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    How To Make Your Dog Look Like A Douche

    Are your pets totally badass, rock-n-roll animals that are also a little bit promiscuous? You should probably buy them crap from the Bret Michaels' Rockin' Pet Accessories line.

    For dogs who want to emulate Bret Michaels himself, there's the Red Doo-Rag:

    The Outlaw Tee

    The Guitars & Skulls Bandana

    The Western Shirt

    And a doo-rag with flames on it.

    For lady animals who want to look like the ladies on "Rock Of Love Bus", there's...

    The Pink Tattered Dog Tee:

    and the Skull Sundress:

    No collection would be complete without accessories! Like this Plush Guitar Toy:

    These ugly flame bows

    The Skull & Roses Pet Carrier

    The Melamine Roses Bowl

    This tour bus toy

    A leather bed

    And finally, a slutty-looking bed for the sexually-liberated lady dog...

    ...and a sexy Spiked Rubber Ball Bandana to go with it.