How To Make Your Dog Look Like A Douche

Are your pets totally badass, rock-n-roll animals that are also a little bit promiscuous? You should probably buy them crap from the Bret Michaels’ Rockin’ Pet Accessories line.

1. For dogs who want to emulate Bret Michaels himself, there’s the Red Doo-Rag:

2. The Outlaw Tee

3. The Guitars & Skulls Bandana

4. The Western Shirt

5. And a doo-rag with flames on it.

6. For lady animals who want to look like the ladies on “Rock Of Love Bus”, there’s…

7. The Pink Tattered Dog Tee:

8. and the Skull Sundress:

9. No collection would be complete without accessories! Like this Plush Guitar Toy:

10. These ugly flame bows

11. The Skull & Roses Pet Carrier

12. The Melamine Roses Bowl

Because every rose has its thorn, duh.

13. This tour bus toy

14. A leather bed

(That dog TOTALLY just got laid)

15. And finally, a slutty-looking bed for the sexually-liberated lady dog…

16. …and a sexy Spiked Rubber Ball Bandana to go with it.

Looks like someone has been reading 50 Shades Of Grey

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