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    27 Ways To Ask Someone To Prom That'll Make Them Say 'Yes'

    Here are 27 real-life success stories, as shared by the BuzzFeed Community.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories, tips, and tricks to asking someone out to prom.

    We wanted to hear your stories about asking someone to be your prom date, and boy did you deliver.

    1. Use your siblings as detectives.

    "I was approached by a freshman about a week before prom and get asked if I had a date. I thought I must have been looking a lot more glum than I was trying to put out there, so I smiled and said something clever like, 'Nope, Zach, no date for me. I'm too fabulous to be tied down to one man.' He kind of patted my arm and walked away.

    The next day, his older brother came up, immediately turned bright red and mumble-asked me to prom. It was so endearing I couldn't say no. We managed to get tickets, find me a dress (for $30!) and get him a tux in four days. I found out at prom that he had no idea his brother had talked to me and I got to see his amazing blush again. Good times."


    2. Dress up like Darth Vader.

    "I dressed up like Darth Vader and marched into his classroom while playing the Imperial March. I had a sign that said, 'You could join the dark side, or go to prom by my side.' It scared him, but he said yes."


    3. Surprise them with ice cream.

    "I told him that all of our friends were going out for ice cream at the stand that I work at so I was able to go inside and scoop for us. He told me which flavor he wanted so I went in and with the help of my boss and coworker I wrote each letter of "prom" on a spoon and stuck them in his scoop of ice cream, then I went back outside and surprised him. It was really sweet."


    4. Ask them while you're on a school trip.

    "When we both ended up going on a school sponsored spring break trip to Europe, he asked me under the Eiffel Tower. It caught me completely off guard so I was super surprised when I saw the picture afterwards. Major execution and creativity points to him because he kept it a secret the whole time." —nikkim4e9ec3243

    5. Get an assist from mutual friends.

    "My two best friends and I were talking about prom when my closest guy friend came over. Both of my friends had dates and we were talking about who I should take. One of my friends turns to my guy friend and says, "Hey, we both have dates for prom but [me] doesn't have one yet. You should go." He said sure and walked away and I was confused because "did my friend just ask a guy to prom for me?" and then I texted him later and was like, "Soooo are we going to prom together? I wasn't sure what you took that as." and he replied that he was confused as well but he would love to go as dates. So now I have a date for prom."


    6. Write a song.

    "One day he invited me over and in his garage he had a stool and a microphone set up. He had me sit on the couch and he played me a song he wrote for me on his acoustic guitar called "(Will You Go To) Prom". It was super cheesy but VERY thoughtful, and I was blown away by it. I was surprised that someone would put in so much effort to write an entire song with both music and lyrics."


    7. Do the Napoleon Dynamite dance.

    When I was a senior, I decided to ask out my closest friend at the time. I ended up creating an entire poster with balloons (since I worked at Party City) and I thought of the corniest thing to do, to learn the final dance from Napoleon Dynamite. And I did a version of it, in the gym, in front of every other club in school, with a horribly hilarious dance, and still said yes. It was fantastic."


    8. Throw golf balls at your date.

    "My friend was a golfer, so I bought some golf balls and wrote PROM? on them. I was taking him home that day after school and as he was walking towards me I started throwing them at him...only I got a little nervous and accidentally through the golf balls at him pretty hard. He tried to catch one and you could hear the slap when it made contact with his hand. For some reason, he still said yes."


    9. Make a Say Anything-style grand gesture.

    "My house has a deck on the second floor that overlooks a decent sized yard. My date to junior prom asked me by writing out the word “Prom?” in my yard in a bunch of glow sticks. I was in the shower when he called me to come out to my deck to see it so the poor kid waited outside by himself for almost an hour."


    10. Get creative with food they like.

    "I got asked out through a fortune cookie. I’m not a fan of Chinese food so my boyfriend at the time would always save the fortune cookies for me. One day during class he offered me a cookie and I accepted it, once I cracked it there was a note, “Will you go to prom with me?”. I said yes, of course. I was shocked and caught off guard. He explained that he carefully opened the plastic and with tweezers he pulled out the originally note and wrote one of his own and then stuck it back in. I couldn’t tell it had been tampered with!"


    11. Tell them you'll go to prom with them when pigs fly.

    I helped my best friend ask his date by securing a bunch of pink balloons in a large box with a lid and drew pig faces on them. On the top it said, “I’ll ask you to prom when pigs fly.” So when she opened it, these pig balloons flew up!


    12. Woo them with your Harry Potter knowledge.

    "My friend Lucas asked me to prom through my favorite book — Harry Potter! He said 'I solemnly swear it would be great to go to prom with you' and had the Marauder’s Map, too! Then he gave me my favorite candy-sour gummy worms." —piperl3

    13. Give your date a teddy bear.

    "I had just gotten over mono and I was walking out of work with one of my best friends. He looked over at me and asked if I would be feeling better on March 19. I was dreadfully confused at first until he pulled a teddy bear from his backpack and asked if I’d like to go to prom. It was so smooth and really made me feel like he cared about me! I said yes of course and we had a great time."


    14. Use your pet to deliver the message.

    "I asked my longterm girlfriend by sending my dog to her house — she loved my dog and her house was only two streets away, he knew the way as we had been there lots before — with a rolled up note with a ribbon and a rose attached to his collar. Skip forward 6 years, we are married with 2 kids."


    15. Don't be afraid to take inspiration from High School Musical.

    "I was lead to the backyard blindfolded. In the background he was playing "Can I Have This Dance?" from High School Musical 3 (I had decided to go to school in San Antonio and he decided to stay in Corpus, so that's why the song was so perfect!) When I opened my eyes, we were in the middle of a heart that was ON FIRE that said "prom"! He was down on one knee and gave me roses and asked if he can have this dance at our last prom. It was definitely the Troy Bolton gesture every girl deserves."


    16. Give them a puzzle to solve.

    "I asked my friend to be my prom date via roses with words attached to each one. I had to ask friend of friends what her class schedule was like so I gave it to one person to each class with a total of 10 roses. I instructed the person on her last class to meet me after school in the choir room to where we have our Vocal Jazz rehearsal. I gave her the last rose (which it didn't have any word attached to it) and she arranged the roses which said, "Marissa, Will you go to Prom with me?" She said yes!"


    17. Or give them legos!

    "My date gave me a set of legos and printed out instructions to put them together and when I finished, they spelled out ‘prom’." —shaeleeh

    18. Make use of your school's announcements system.

    "I got asked to prom on the morning announcements and then he surprised me in class with flowers and donuts."


    19. If you know your local police force, pull your date over.

    "My date had me pulled over with full lights and sirens one morning in front of our high school. He got out and handed me a traffic ticket that said, 'prom?'"—tristenz

    20. Ask your date in front of your class.

    "My boyfriend and I were in the same choir class. He played a video where they were coming up with 3 or 4 idea of how to ask someone to homecoming and they all failed. At the end someone said you should just ask her. And then he popped out of the closet and asked me in front of the whole class."


    21. Bring your best friend and cosplay.

    "My best friend and I are both single ladies and I happen to look like Rapunzel from Tangled and she happens to look like Jasmine from Aladdin. And also, we both just happen to love Disney movies a lot. So last year when prom season came around i had a poster made for her that said “if you’ll be my Jasmine, i’ll be your Rapunzel so let’s live happily ever after at prom” it was really cute and let me just say we got the frick down at prom!!"


    22. Re-program a video game with a special ending.

    "I asked my friend to prom my junior year by reprogramming Super Mario Bros! I brought my 3DS to school and pretended I couldn’t beat a level. I asked him for his help beating it, and when he finished, instead of “your princess is in another castle” it said “will you go to prom with me!”."—racheldukes22

    23. Print out photos to spell out "prom."

    "I spelled out “PROM?” with cat pictures for my best friend, who absolutely loves cats. She said yes."


    24. Surprise them with balloons.

    My junior prom date worked with my friends to get my keys during musical practice, and fill my entire car with balloons. At the end of practice, everyone walked with me to my car where I saw all of the balloons inside and a sign that said “start popping!”. After popping almost all of the balloons, I found a note inside one that said “make me the the happiest guy on earth and go to prom with me!”. He then came out of hiding behind a nearby car with roses. Of course I said yes, and my friends proceeded to cover my car windows with car paint saying “Just prom’ed!”


    25. Make a giant sign for your date.

    "I (a newly-out lesbian) decided to ask my best friend TJ (also gay) to be my date by bringing him flowers and surprising him with this sign: 'So, even though we’re both gay, will you go straight to prom with me?'" —taylorg44cf4c9bc

    26. Grab your ideal date's plate and write "prom" in ketchup.

    "I was a hostess/busser at a restaurant at the time so he was going to write “prom?” in ketchup on a plate and leave it on a table for me to find as I was cleaning, but when he and my friends got to my work the plan fell through. Later that night my friend told me she had to go grab her charger that she left at someone’s house and on the way there I noticed my prom date standing at the corner at the end of her street. When we pulled up to him he had a paper plate with the word “prom?” written in ketchup on it and said “this was to make up for earlier.” I know it sounds lame but it was so sweet I’ll never forget it."


    27. And if all else fails, hit them up on social media.

    "I snapchatted them, 'Hey, would you be down to go to prom with me?' He said, 'Yeah I would be down' and I said, 'liiiittttt'."