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    Highlights From "My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I"

    Babies having babies, mothers having babies, babies, babies, babies — and plenty of tears. Thanks, TLC!

    TLC's latest special My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I is actually pretty self-explanatory once you know what the title is. It followed two separate families in with a pregnant teen whose mother was pregnant at the same time so it should come as no surprise that the show would be filled with drama.

    Here's what you need to know about this first family before watching the following clip:

    • Mom Ann is really happy about her daughter being pregnant at 18

    • Ann and her daughter are "best friends"

    • Ann found out she was pregnant with her ex's baby one week after her divorce

    Family #2 is not as happy. In fact, most of their airtime was filled with crying. Here's their deal:

    • Mother Melissa is pregnant with her 8th child

    • Daughter Kristen is 17 and used to be a cheerleader

    • The family is very religious (Southern Baptist) and struggling to deal with Kristen's pregnancy

    • Melissa spent a large amount of time in denial about her daughter's pregnancy

    • Melissa's father fights with her boyfriend and spent about 95% of his time on the show yelling and/or crying

    I'm still trying to figure out what the moral of the story is here. I guess that it's" don't get pregnant at the same time as your mom or TLC will coming knocking at your doors with a camera crew"?