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    Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    22 Glenn Powell Instagrams That'll Make You Fall In Love

    *heart eyes emoji*

    1. Shirtless Guitar Glen.

    2. Yoga Glen.

    3. Party Bro Glen.

    4. Glen with a horse.

    5. Glen with a monkey and a horse.

    6. '70s Glen.

    7. Preppy Glen.

    8. Backyard BBQ Glen.

    9. Astronaut Glen.

    10. Glen with long hair.*

    11. Cowboy Glen.

    12. Animal-loving Glen.

    13. Kangaroo Glen.

    14. Glen with a baby.

    15. Glen and his Grandma.

    16. Glen posing with a "dead" Ariana Grande.

    17. NASA Glen.

    18. Seductive Bedtime Glen.

    19. High School Prom Date Glen.

    20. Big Ol' Biceps Glen.

    21. Makes-you-wish-you-were-glass Glen.

    22. "Vs. The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About" Glen.

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