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27 Gift Ideas For Your Friend Who Really, Really Loves Animals

Animal lovers unite.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. A decal for their laptop.

Moon and Star Co. /

Find it at Moon and Star Co. on Etsy for $5.

2. Animal-filled shakers to fill with all of their favorite spices.

Get it from Fab for $45.

3. Soy candles made from wine bottles where proceeds go to nonprofit animal rescue groups.

Viva Terra /

4. A cookie cutter set filled with animals of all kinds.

Get it from Amazon Prime for $8.02.

5. Planters that feature animals of the wild holding up your greenery.

Anthropologie /

Get it from Anthropologie for $28.

6. A badge featuring their favorite animal.

Get the raccoon badge One Kings Lane for $22.

Also available with a deer, cat, wolf, mule, and red panda.

7. Take checkers to the next level.

World Market /

Get it from World Market for $14.99.

8. Allow them to display their priorities in tote bag form.

BombDaddyTees /

Find the black tote on Etsy at LoveAndFit's shop here ($10) and the white tote ($14.99) at BombDaddyTee's shop here.

9. A shirt that lays out the important things in life.

Get it on Amazon Prime for $15.99.

10. A coloring book filled with animal designs that doubles as stress relief.

Get it from Amazon Prime for $11.69.

11. What could make waffles even better? Animal-shaped waffles!

Get it at Amazon for $12.99.

12. A tea towel that combines dog breeds with the signs of the zodiac.

Anthropologie /

Get it from Anthropologie for $18.

13. They can wear their heart on their sleeve quite literally with this hammered cuff bracelet with animals and hearts.

BubbleBooJewelery /

Get it from Bubble Boo Jewelry on Etsy for $12.81.

14. Make their feet happy with these adorable dog socks.

Get them on Amazon Prime for $16.99 — and find similar cat socks right here.

15. Get them a baseball tee that shows off their ideals.

TheAvenueL /

Get it from The Avenue L on Etsy for $19.99.

16. Carry cash on the go with a zip purse covered in forest animals.

Cath Kidston /

Get it from Cath Kidston for $10.

17. A stamp and ink set that doubles as an educational tool.

Get it from Amazon Prime for $11.99.

18. A cheeky sign for anyone with more than one furry pet.

ShopSimplifyIN /

Find it at Shop Simplify on Etsy for $32.

19. Do they love animals *and* cooking? Let me introduce cat pasta.

Get it at Amazon Prime for $14.95.

20. A set of ornaments featuring animals dressed in their Sunday best.

World Market /

Get it from World Market for $28.

21. A mug that's perfect for early mornings.

Get it from Amazon Prime for $12.99.

22. Help improve their doodles with a guide to drawing animals.

World Market /

Get it from Amazon for $9.

23. For the bird-watching friend.

Get it from Amazon Prime for $21.95.

24. This bumper sticker will allow them to spread their message all over the highway, back roads, and parking lots across the world.

StickerFiend /

Get it at Etsy for $2.95.

25. This three-pack of ladies underwear that just might be too cute to wear.

ThinkGeek /

Get it at ThinkGeek for $14.99.

26. Donate to their local ASPCA.

Tania_wild / Getty Images

Donations start at $25, but you can donate any amount you'd like.

27. Adopt an elephant in their name through the WWF.

Adopt an elephant for $55, or pick another animal of your choice!

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