19 Food Hacks That'll Reduce Waste And Stretch Your Groceries

    Make the most of what you have in the kitchen.

    1. Turn leftover potato peels into potato chips.

    2. Turn leftover wine into vinegar.

    3. Turn your orange peels into candles.

    4. Or repurpose your orange peels to make candy.

    5. You can actually eat the leafy green tops of carrots.

    6. Similarly, the tops of beets are actually quite tasty when sautéed.

    7. Turn lemon rinds into lemon powder.

    8. Keep your leftover vegetable scraps instead of tossing them and make a delicious veggie broth base.

    9. Infuse vodka (or any hard alcohol, really) with leftover herbs or fruits that are about to go bad.

    10. Speaking of beets, did you know that you can use them to dye your clothes?

    11. Stale bread? Turn it into homemade croutons.

    12. Make it a habit to take stock of your fresh produce and freeze it before it goes bad.

    13. Pickle (pretty much) anything.

    14. Save your apple peels to make apple-flavored bourbon.

    15. Or turn apple scraps — or full apples if you have them — into apple cider vinegar.

    16. Toss your leftover herbs into a bottle of olive oil.

    17. If you have bananas that are turning brown, turn them into banana bread.

    18. You can regrow vegetables that you've already used by planting their roots or seeds and watching them grow.

    19. If all else fails, try composting!