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    First Screenshots Of The "South Park" RPG Look Pretty Great

    Good news! A preview of the "South Park: The Game" reveals the plot -- "a new character arriving in the town and determined to make friends with the local kids" -- as well as some game play.

    Judging from these images I think it's safe to conclude that the game doesn't desecrate the sacred "South Park" name: you can elect to play the game as "a Jew" and will battle against "Gingers" and "Stupid Hippies." Plus, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been working alongside Obsidian Entertainment so I feel pretty confident that this game will stay true to the "South Park" tone.


    "It seems from the preview article that the game will take – and twist – plenty of elements from traditional JRPGs. There will, for example, be five classes to select from: Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric and... Jew."


    "The look and feel of the series has been perfectly captured, then, and we're looking forward to seeing how the handdrawn animations add to the authenticity. The studio also created its own dynamic lip-syncing tool so that script changes could easily be incorporated into the game. Furthermore, they were supplied with 15 years worth of art assets and a style guide indicating the correct colours and texture to use."


    "Combat will be turn-based and viewed side-on in the classic style. It seems that you'll be in a small party (with the likes of Kyle and Butters), fighting against two or three enemies at once. Naturally, your foe will reflect the obsessions and prejudice's of the cartoon's cast – hence 'gingers' and 'stupid hippies' figuring highly."