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Have You Ever Worked As An Extra On A TV Or Movie Set?

What kinds of trouble did you get into on set? Besides craft services...

Working as an extra can be gruelingly hard work sometimes — but it can also be really fun. Some days you're quietly sipping coffee at a fake coffee shop in the background of a scene, and others you're donned in full war costume and "battling" it out on the field.

We want to hear all of your stories about life as a background actor. Perhaps you got to spend some time chatting with an actor on set and they were surprisingly nice!

Or maybe you worked on a project where you really hated the wardrobe you were asked to wear.

Maybe you were in the background of a movie being filmed in a public area and something really funny happened.

Perhaps you had a day where you were phoning it in...and it made the final cut of the film. Like this extra who did a great job "sweeping" the floor:

Or maybe something funny happened in the background of your scene, like this stormtrooper that hit their head on a door:

Whatever your story, we want to hear about it! Share your stories — and your photos — using the DropBox tool below. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!