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Ex-Wives Of A-List Celebrities Expose Their Wacky Lives On "Hollywood Exes"

Wondering what the ex-wives of Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Jose Canseco, and (the artist formerly known as) Prince are like today? This is your show.

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Sheree Fletcher, ex-wife of Will Smith

• Was married to Will Smith, they share son Trey together (remember "Just The Two of Us"?)

• Currently married to former NFL player Terrell Fletcher

• Is the "first lady" of her pastor husband's church


Jessica Canseco, ex-wife of Jose Canseco

• Met Jose when she was a waitress and married in 1996, divorced in 1999

• They share a daughter, Josie, together

• Jose is, so far, the only husband to willingly appear on the show ...he even asked to move back in with Jessica for "the sake of their daughter" (definitely not reality tv fame)

• Got a vaginal rejuvenation procedure (yup, it's exactly what it sounds like) in front of a full video crew. No, really:

And that, my friends, is Hollywood Exes.