Everything We Know About The “Girl” In “Girl Meets World”

Cory and Topanga’s daughter has been officially cast AND given a name — Riley Matthews.

1. Her name is Rowan Blanchard.

2. She is 10 years old.

David Livingston / Getty Images

3. She’s on twitter.

4. She spent her whole night last night thanking people congratulating her on it:

5. She played Rebecca in Spy Kids 4.

6. (The one with the one with Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven and Jessica Alba.)

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

7. She played “Mona’s daughter” in the Jennifer Lopez chick flick, “The Backup Plan.”

Getty Images

10. And she has a tumblr.

12. …it looks like you might expect a ten-year-old’s tumblr to look like.

13. Her TV Dad seems pretty excited to welcome her to the Matthews family.

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