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15 Dogs Who Absolutely Love Netflix's "Our Planet"

Very good boys.

Earlier this month, Netflix debuted Our Planet, a breathtaking series narrated by David Attenborough that's kind of an emotional roller coaster, to be honest.

Do the people love it? Yes. But something you might not have expected is that dogs actually really love it, too!

Is anyone else’s dog addicted to “Our Planet” on Netflix?

My dog loves Our Planet apparently. He is starting at the tv tranced by the polar bears

The dog doesn't pay much attention to the tv but she's so stuck into Our Planet

1. Like this pup, who couldn't take their eyes off of it.

Yo @ourplanet my dog loves watching your show on @Netflix

2. Or this dog, Odin, who loved watching the wild dogs.

3. This pup liked watching the wild dogs, too.

Sharing my bed with this fluff ball this morning, we're watching #OurPlanet on @NetflixUK . He's waiting for the wild dogs to show up again.

4. This dog named Cheeky gazed at the stampede of wildebeests.

My dog, Cheeky, watching her wild counterpart/s hunt for willdebeasts... and fail miserably. #OurPlanet #Cheeky @ourplanet

5. Meanwhile, Porkchop got to watch from bed.

Porkchop is very into this @ourplanet series on Netflix.

6. This pup watched along in awe.

Really enjoying #OurPlanet on @netflix.... but not as much as my dog is. He's been like this for the past 45 minutes.

7. And Mia is a nature documentary connoisseur.

@netflix @Netflix_CA Our Mia bear is very into animal documentaries and she very much approves of the #new #netflix #davidattenborough #dog #ourplanet

8. George had to get nice and close to the screen.

Our dog George absolutely loves watching @netflix ‘s new show, @ourplanet. I can’t blame him - it’s great stuff!

9. This little guy was practically on the edge of his seat.

When your dog loves watching Attenborough as much as you do 😮@ourplanet episode 5 as the cheetahs hunt @NetflixUK #ourplanet

10. This pup was a little freaked out by jaguars in the rainforest, and I can't say I blame him.

11. This dog particularly enjoyed the flamingo scene.

12. Both of these dogs enjoyed chilling out on the couch and watching.

#davidattenborough my dogs are loving the new @NetflixUK @ourplanet ! They can’t stop watching! ❤️🎉🐾

13. This pup loved the show so much he climbed up to the TV to say hi to the wolves.

My dog is so engrossed in Our Planet on @netflix (amazing so far!). His eyes keep darting around the screen for 30+ seconds at a time, and he's climbed up to the TV to say hello to the wolves. 😂

14. This doggo jumped with the birds.

@ourplanet my dog and I love It! already. @netflix great job. Beautiful

15. And these dogs wouldn't stop barking at the TV.

Apparently I can’t watch a nature documentary without my dogs thinking the entire Serengeti is in the house 🙃 #OurPlanet

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