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31 Dogs Who Are Totally Stoned Right Now

Colorado vets say since weed has become legalized in their state they've seen a rise in stoner dogs. How bad could it be?

1. "Nuthin', brah, just chillin'. What's going on with you?"

2. "Is it always this hard to focus your eyes when you smoke weed for the first time?"

3. "HA HA HA! HA HA! MAN that shit is HILARIOUS!"

4. "Heyyyyy."

5. "Hey, I'm Buddy. What's your name? Wanna be friends?"

6. "Tee hee hee! Tee hee! Hehehe."

7. "Is it bright outside or is it just me?"

8. "Taco Bell sounds SO GOOD right now."

9. "Yo dawg, come on up! This party is bumpin'. We got girls in a hot tub out back!"

10. "Uhhhhh....."

11. "Hi! Hi! Hi! ...You got any snacks?"

12. "Thanks for the ride, man. People don't pick up hitch-hikers like they used to back in the '70s."

13. "What is the meaning of life?"

14. *coughs*

15. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What did you just say?"

16. "I feel like maybe God invented wind to help the entire world collectively chill out, right?"

17. "Not sure if dog bowl filled Puppy Chow or Coco Puffs."

18. "It is sooooooooooooooooooooo nice outside!"

19. "Must... eat... human... pizza..."

20. "Stop it, dude, you're killing me."

21. "Naw, man, I can't enlist. They'd ask me to cut my hair, bro! This classic shag stays for life."

22. "What'd I get into? Oh, nothing..."

23. "Let's just stay in and watch TV tonight."

24. *blank stares*

25. "Hey, guy! I haven't seen you since the Dave concert last Summer!"

26. "Shh... I can't even talk right now."

27. "Hey man, can you drive this time? I'm not really in the best state right now."

28. "Yo I heard the other day that Pluto isn't actually a planet! What's next, the aliens on Mars have perfected hydroponics and are spreading good vibes all over space?"

29. "I am so hungry right now I could eat this stick."

30. *fart noise*