Did Katy Perry Steal Sara Bareilles' Song?

    It's possible! Here's all the evidence we have.

    Here's Katy Perry's new song, "Roar."

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    Via buzzfeed.com

    And this is Sara Bareilles' song, "Brave."

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    Notice any similarities?

    Now listen to the two tracks layered over each other:

    Via thegeorgemott.tumblr.com

    The similarities cannot be ignored. So what's the deal, Katy?

    Back in May, Katy Perry tweeted her love of Bareilles' song.

    And here are the two hanging out in December 2012.

    So maybe it was a respectful, subconscious theft on Perry's part.

    But still, why didn't anyone in Perry's camp realize the similarities in the singles?

    In the end, Sara doesn't seem too upset about the whole ordeal.

    She was actually really, really cool about it:

    Advantage? Bareilles.