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The Cast Of "Detective Pikachu" Finds Out Which Pokémon They Are

If Ryan Reynolds, Kathryn Newton, and Justice Smith were Pokémon, who would they be?

This weekend, Detective Pikachu became the latest chapter in the ever-growing Pokémon universe to be released.

Warner Bros.

So we sat down with Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton from the movie and asked them to take our "Which Pokémon Are You?" quiz!

Michael Stewart / FilmMagic

See how they fared in this video, or take the quiz below!

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Let's talk results: Kathryn Newton was VERY excited to get Jigglypuff as her reveal.

BuzzFeed Celeb

Ryan Reynolds was slightly horrified to see he got Snorlax...

BuzzFeed Celeb

...but he came up with a smart solution:

BuzzFeed Celeb

And Justice was into the fact that he got MewTwo (despite Kathryn not completely agreeing with the result).

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Ready to see which Pokémon you are? Play along with the cast below!

Don't forget to see Detective Pikachu, now playing in theaters everywhere!

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