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Countess LuAnn's' New Single "Girl Code" Drops Tomorrow


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First came her catchphrase "Money Can't Buy You Class."

A song for those with class.

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Next came "Chic C'est La Vie."

A song for the chic.

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Last night Andy Cohen shared the SPECTACULAR news that LuAnn's single will premiere TOMORROW.

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(Along with a countdown!)

AND he revealed the song's full title:

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Clearly another homage to what she said on latest season of RHONY.

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AND GOOD NEWS! Andy says the song is "pretty good!"

🙏 Today all Bravo fans are truly #BLESSED. 🙏


Watch Andy's announcement below:

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And catch the premiere performance of LuAnn's new single on Watch What Happens Live this Tuesday at 11pm on Bravo.

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