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"Community" Finds A Way To Do Product Placement Right

How does a show with an incredibly talented writing team deal with featuring Subway restaurants on their show? Turn "Subway" into a real person played by an old favorite from "Scrubs," and make Britta fall in love with him.

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I have no idea whether NBC told "Community" that they had to work Subway into their script. But as any fan of "Chuck" could tell you, that chain was literally all over the show — and is the reason the series wasn't canceled two years ago. So imagine my surprise when last night's episode of "Community" — a show who's basically been on the brink of cancellation since it began — opened with the Dean's ribbon-cutting ceremony for the chain in their cafeteria. It fit in perfectly with Shirley's storyline about opening her own sandwich shop, but to create an actual character named "Subway" for Britta to become involved with and eventually put them in a giant reference to the movie "1984"? Brilliant.