Cissy Houston Addresses Rumors About Whitney Houston’s Sexuality With Oprah

At best Cissy came across as someone who is not very accepting — and at worst, well, kind of an awful person.

Oprah: Would it have bothered you if your daughter Whitney Houston was gay?

Cissy: Absolutely.

Oprah: It would have bothered you?

Cissy: Mmhmm.

Oprah:You would not have liked that.

Cissy: Not at all.

Oprah: Not at all. You wouldn’t have condoned it, or…

Cissy: No.

Oprah: So were you happy when Bobby Brown came into the picture?

Cissy: No.

Oprah: You weren’t happy about that?

Cissy: Nuh-uh.

Oprah: Did you think he was good for her?

Cissy: No.

Oprah: Did you tell her that?

Cissy: Yes.

Oprah: She obviously didn’t listen…

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