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    Ciara Hates Future So Much She Won't Say His Name

    The bad blood runs DEEP.

    Earlier this morning Ludacris and Ciara gathered at Good Morning America to announce the 2016 Billboard Music Awards nominees.

    ABC / Via

    All was going well until they hit the category of Top Rap Artist.

    GMA / Via

    Future, Ciara's ex, was nominated. And Ciara refused to say his name.


    So Ludacris jumped in, but it was too late. IT WAS ALREADY AWKWARD.

    The clip is almost unbelievably cringeworthy:

    Ciara wouldn't say Future's name for the Billboard nominees but you engaged now 🙃. Let that hurt go beloved.

    The awkwardness wasn't lost on Ludacris, who soon realized what was going on — and stepped in to announce the other categories where Future might be nominated.


    Hero status.

    Thanks, Luda! This clip is enough to make a person want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

    Adult Swim / Via

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