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21 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Here's everything you didn't see.

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1. Katy Perry wondered if she was alone:

RT if you've ever cried during yoga 😳

2. Hugh Jackman got some cryotherapy done:

The disco lights and music are there to distract you ... or me ... from the -211 conditions. And, it worked!…

3. TLC confirmed that they haven't relaxed their policy on scrubs:

4. Sam Smith teased new music:

5. Ryan Reynolds shared his hair philosophy:

"I'm really protective of my penis. Which haircut will make sure it never meets anyone?"

6. Channing Tatum hung out with his dog:

There's nothing like buggin out just me and the pup. Sending love to all.

7. Ellen gave George and Amal Clooney's family a new name:

Welcome to the world, Ella and Alexander Clooney. Congratulations, George and Amal, or as I’m now calling you, Ocean’s Four.

8. Chrissy, John, and Luna were the cutest baseball family to exist:

9. Justin Bieber had some quasi-relatable thoughts on sports:

I also don't know enough about sports to Really have valid opinion but I do enjoy sports!! And enjoy any high level sports game. Any team

10. Gal Gadot expressed her excitement over the release of Wonder Woman:

Can't believe how much fun and a joy it was making this movie. Truly blessed to work with these amazing people.…

11. Paris Hilton went brunette:

Love my angel @XDiamondBaby✨👸🏻🐶✨

12. Kelly Clarkson fanned over Harry Styles' album:

I'm just gonna say it ....I'm addicted to @Harry_Styles album 😳So. Good. #SignOfTheTimes #sofresh #sogreat

13. Lauren Jauregui tweeted some beautiful thoughts on Pride Month:

🌈Happy Pride Month to all the beautiful color beams of the spectrum of love and expression🌈we are visible and beautiful & they can't stop it

14. David Harbour, Patton Oswalt, and Ron Perlman shared a meal:

The summit dinner was a smashing success. Now, to launch my new pop duo, Hellboyz. @DavidKHarbour @perlmutations

15. John Mayer created a new way of looking at time:

Sometimes it's hard to remember whether we're pre- or post-Coachella for the calendar year.

16. Sam Ronson tweeted about the state of comedy:

Remember before twitter when you had to pay comedy writers to entertain you? #darkdays

17. Jaden Smith was artsy by the sea:

18. Jenette McCurdy had some relatable words:

trying to get through a day on a diet is like trying to get through a day on a diet

19. Camila Cabello was excited to see herself:

20. Zendaya talked about her goals:

People always ask me what my 10 year goal is...and my answer is always, " just be happy."

21. And Rainn Wilson shared his philosophy on life:

I'm 51. Look 41. Feel 31. Dance 21. Eat 11. Act 1.

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