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    Posted on Mar 29, 2014

    21 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Hilary Duff's making music again, and Kylie Jenner sat on a baby elephant.

    1. Beyonce finished her world tour.

    2. Hilary Duff got a record deal.

    3. Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens had a Spring Breakers reunion.

    4. Tyra Banks chilled with Cookie Monster.

    5. Fergie got a fantastic cake for Josh Duhamel's birthday.

    6. And then Tyler Perry got Oprah an even more impressive cake.

    7. Ciara and Future had a baby shower.

    8. Jessica Chastain was surrounded by flowers on her birthday.

    9. The Kardashian sisters lined up by the size of their butts.

    10. Will Arnett and Mindy Kaling played secret agents.

    11. Lea Michele and Darren Criss took a "Broadway Selfie."

    12. Justin Bieber solemnly looked out his window.

    13. Miley wore a onesie.

    14. Aaron Paul and Amanda Seyfried took Pittsburgh, PA.

    15. Alicia Keys posed poolside.

    16. Nene Leakes glittered at Dancing With The Stars.

    17. Nick Cannon bought Mariah Carey some bling.

    18. The Hilton sisters hung with Dorothy Wang (of Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills).

    19. Kylie Jenner rode a baby elephant in a bikini.

    20. Oprah harvested strawberries, turnips and greens.

    21. And Jordin Sparks shared this delightful old photo of herself.

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