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35 Celebrities Who REALLY Want You To Register To Vote

Today is the day!


1. Mark Ruffalo

It's Avengers 4: Register to Vote

2. Chelsea Peretti


3. Mindy Kaling

Don't just get mad....Remember to VOTE! #NoJusticeNoSeat

4. Danny DeVito

5. Bo Burnham

So if you’re young and still haven’t registered - I GET IT. I really do. But just do it. It’s really easy to do and it’s one of the only tangible things you can do in these weird times and it’s actually way less bad than the dentist. 2/2

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

In 3 minutes, #multiplyyourvote by saving someone from missing the deadline! Just get in touch with 3 friends in the states below who may not be registered (maybe they just moved?). Then, have them register at AZ AR FL GA IN KY MI MS NM OH PA TN TX

7. Tom Hanks

Hey, America! In some states today is the last day to register to vote! Have you? Have your friends?? Text WE ALL VOTE to 97779 or go to to get it done. Hanx

8. Rihanna

GOOD MORNING AMERICA☀️I don’t care what responsibilities you have today. There’s no greater responsibility than being in control of your future and it starts NOW!! REGISTER TO VOTE TODAY at & triple check that you are properly registered! Let’s go!! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

9. Mandy Moore

What is stopping you? Register right now! #vote #midterms Everything You Need to Vote -

10. Ike Barinholtz

This sucks! Call and text every person you know who is like this and beg them to register to vote TODAY

11. Padma Lakshmi

Hey Twitter Teens! You know what's really #lit? Voting for people who believe that women should have control over their own bodies and that climate change is real! Have you registered yet? #fellowkids

12. Judd Apatow

All we have to do is vote if we want to make climate change a priority. @RockTheVote @swingleft

13. Emmy Rossum

I'm voting to #ElectWomen this November. Are you? Today is the deadline to register to vote in 14 states! Make sure that you, your friends, and your family are registered to vote before it's too late!

14. Kumail Nanjiani

Register to vote or check your status right now. Literally just do it literally right now. It’ll take no time. Everyone needs all of you.

15. Rachel Dratch

All the more reason to VOTE. Young people -please register and vote the assholes out. The very planet depends on it

16. Misha Collins

Thank you! Registration is not the only thing that matters, everyone. Make sure your registration in your state is up-to-date. Final day to register to vote in many states! Get on it!

17. Patricia Arquette

Young people who decide not to vote remember this- YOU are the adults now. No one can do it for you and the choices you make today will impact your tomorrow.

18. Gillian Anderson

Register to vote!

19. Billy Eichner

Polls and anecdotal evidence suggest the vast majority of 19-29 year olds are still not planning to vote this year. Tweets like this one are not enough. Please reach out to the 18-29 year olds in your life - call them, text them, email them - let them know how important this is.

20. Faith Hill

Today is the last day to register to vote in Tennessee! Make sure to text WeAllVote to 97779 or go to to register to vote right now. ✔️

21. Sally Field

If you live in AZ, AR, FL, GA, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, NM, OH, PA, TN or TX (go Beto!), today is your last day to register. Make sure your kids and your grandkids or hell, your great grandkids are registered too.

22. Ron Howard

great to hear #Vote

23. Sandra Bernhard

read this and remember what's really going on right now in this twisted fake government #VoteBlue

24. Eva Longoria

Calling all my fellow Texans! Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote! Make a difference this November: Get out there and VOTE y’all! 🗳 @BetoORourke

25. Debra Messing

BE LIKE @TaylorSwift #TaylorSwift

26. Timothy Simons

Vote. Vote. Vote. Register to vote and then vote. Tweeting isn't voting. Voting is voting.

27. Will Arnett

How about registering to vote? Let’s pretend our lives depend on it... hang on...this just in...

28. Malin Akerman

This is a global ⚠️ our planet needs you to #vote on November 6. Are YOU registered? Find out at, don’t miss the Oct 9 registration deadline in key states! Join me & @LCVoters Victory Fund & help get @BetoORourke to the senate #GlobalWarning

29. Rosie O'Donnell

women are enraged - watch out #getoutthevote

30. Dylan Minnette

today’s the last day in many states to register to vote, if you haven’t yet. be aware of when your deadline is! don’t miss out on your chance to make change for the better. every vote counts whether it feels like it or not. it takes approximately no time!!

31. Samantha Ronson

Vote like our democracy is at stake..... coz it is. Even if you think you are already registered please double check- they don’t want you to vote.... link in my stories #vote #Repost…

32. Tyler Oakley if you already are registered, maybe text 10 friends & family members a link reminding them to register. show me screenshots of your messages app where you alert the masses!! 🚨

33. Alyssa Milano

Not registered or not sure? Text WeAllVote to 97779 or go to to register right now. #WhenWeAllVote, we make our voices heard!

34. Lana Parilla

We all know how important it is to vote. I wanted to share my voting story & encourage you to register today. Deadlines are approaching fast so do it & vote on Nov 6! It only takes a few mins. @whenweallvote can help - just text WeAllVote to 97779 to get started. #whenweallvote

35. Megan Amram

if u register to vote ill suck ur dick/box 😘

Need help registering and getting ready to VOTE? Sign up at TurboVote and get access to a 50% off Lyft promo code for your ride to the polls here!

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