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16 Celebrities Who Watched "The Bachelorette" Finale And Have Some Thoughts

"Rachel! Don't settle for what is safe!"

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1. Lisa Edelstein got sucked into the show but wasn't super impressed.

I only watched this for @caughtoffbase but clearly that decision was #bullshit #bacherlorette

2. Sarah Silverman had some encouraging words for Rachel.

Ok @TheRachLindsay I'm happy 4 u but if this relationship should run its course remember u deserve the best so make this life count Mama

3. Ashley Green was totally rooting for Peter.

Rachel! Dont settle for what is safe! Go for the love, passion, and the greatness of the possibility of the unknown! #TheBachelerotteFinale

4. Sarah Hyland compared love for dogs vs. contestants on The Bachelorette.

I love my dogs way more than anyone has loved each other on the bachelorette. Give me dogs over people. ANY DAY.

5. Camilla Luddington didn't understand Peter's deal.

Trying to figure out why peter is struggling with proposing to Rachel like... ???? she's perfect 😭…

6. And neither did Donnie Wahlberg.

Seriously Peter?!?! Oh well. Erick for next #Bachelor. Best wishes to Bryan & Rachel! We're on to…

7. Meanwhile, Ben Platt invited Peter to see his Broadway show.

Hey, Peter. Wherever you are. Please come to @DearEvanHansen so we can all cry it out together. #TheBachelerotteFinale

8. Vinny from Jersey Shore livetweeted the entire show and got real about the Fantasy Suite.

The fantasy suite is about fuckin but also about seein how the bachelorette looks the morning after w/ no make up #TheBacheloretteFinale

9. Joshua Malina made a good point.

We've gone on two and a half dates. One of them was an awkward private concert. How do you not know whether you're ready to marry me?

10. Ryan Seacrest took some time off of his busy schedule to tune in to the three-hour show.

Yes I'm watching. What are you doing? #TheBacheloretteFinale

11. Kingsley understood the attraction to Bryan.

I'd just like to say that I know a MAN when I see one! 💅🏾 #TheBacheloretteFinale

12. Jenny McCarthy took offense to the way Rachel was being talked about.

Her name is Rachel, not "this woman." #thebachelorette

13. Scotty McCreery was not at all #TeamBryan.

14. Patti Stanger felt Peter's pain.

#Peter is so nervous. He looks #broken. @TheRachLindsay very confident. Normally we see the woman fall apart but watching a man is chilling.

15. Rebecca Black felt the extreme switch from crying to engagement, too.


16. And Allison Williams watched in fear...

Instagram: @aw

...and then shared an A+ relatable Bachelor/Game of Thrones meme.

Instagram: @aw

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