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19 Celebrities Who Tweeted About Earth Day

These famous folks are using their voice for good!

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1. Neil deGrasse Tyson

April 22, 2016: Earth Day is graced with a Full Moon. Occurs, on average, every thirty years.

2. Pharrell Williams

We call it Planet Earth, but it could have been called Planet Ocean. No blue, no green. Happy #Earthday

3. Jeff Bridges

This #EarthDay, lets begin to make personal changes that really reflect the direction our planet needs to take.

4. Tony Goldwyn

Take a hike with someone you love on this #EarthDay

5. Connie Britton

Earth day y’all! Today world leaders sign #ParisAgreement & pledge urgent #ClimateAction. Spread the word!

6. Mark Ruffalo

#TroubleInTheWater is now! thx @Common & @MalikYusef for a powerful video, to watch & sign #Flint petition #Earthday

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Today marks a historic moment as 160+ leaders gather to sign the #ParisAgreement. Watch live: #EarthDay

8. Bill Nye

Happy Earth Day. This is a pivotal year for our spaceship planet. Vote with the environment in mind.

9. Bear Grylls

Today we celebrate #EarthDay and raising awareness for all the great endeavour of charities such as @Tusktrust. Let's fight for this planet!

10. Katie Couric

The story behind #EarthDay! 🌎🌳🌴🌺🌸🌹

11. Maroon 5

For Earth Day our friend Adam Gardner of @reverbrocks & @guster talks w/ @billmckibben about music & the environment

12. Hillary Clinton

To make a better future for our kids, we've got to protect the future of our planet. Happy Earth Day.

13. Holly Marie Combs

Heading to The Grove to plant a new tree with @TreePeople_org in honor of #EarthDay Come celebrate with me. #EarthDay2016

14. Sara Ramirez

#Love the Earth and #Love each other #EarthDay

15. Adrian Grenier

Let's celebrate this historic day together. Watch live as 160+ world leaders sign the #ParisAgreement #EarthDay

16. Mario Batali

dear twitterverse, please save an ugly fruit or vegetable in your market today!! #saveuglyfood #earthday

17. Paul Wesley

If honeyees aren't healthy, our earth isn't either. This #EarthDay I teamed up with @burtsbees to Tweet B-less and help #BringBackTheBees.

18. Ben Affleck

Sustainability is possible, let’s protect this beautiful Earth. @easterncongo #EarthDay

19. Bette Midler

It's Earth Day. I am going out with my trusty pincers and bag to pick up some plastic that befouls our beautiful planet. Care to join me??

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