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    Bryce Dallas Howard Finds Out Which Dinosaur She Is

    By taking our "Which Dinosaur Are You?" quiz, of course.

    When Bryce Dallas Howard stopped by to chat about Jurassic World and give us some serious face (see above) we thought it fitting that she take BuzzFeed's "Which Dinosaur Are You?" quiz. Here's how it went down.

    Bryce Dallas Howard: Oh man. Isn't this going to sound,... See, the preference for these quizzes is that you take them in the privacy so you don't sound, like, totally narcissistic. I'm going with "A natural leader. Nothing stands in my way!"

    BDH: So this is part me and part Claire.

    BDH: "As long as it's green, pffft."

    BDH: Now I'm getting a little suspicious because I'm consistently choosing the top left-hand corner.

    BDH: Throwing stars, I would be clumsy. "The pen is mightier than your sword," yup.

    BDH: I did karate for years and years and years.

    BDH: ...but that's the extent to it.

    BDH: Love these kinds of questions! I do. My body's my best friend.

    BDH: So I'm gonna go with "sturdy." I'm very sturdy and very proud of it.

    BDH: I really love it.

    BDH: Clever but simple. And understated.

    BDH: "Hear danger from miles away," that's pretty good as a mother. Earth bending? Is that relevant?

    BDH: Jurassic Park, Land Before Time... you're killing me here. You're killing me with those two choices! Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure... I have seen that many times.

    BDH: Qualifier: I'm gonna choose Jurassic Park. Not just because I'm in it — June 12th, everybody better go see it in 3D — but because it was a super important movie for me growing up. I saw it opening weekend. Twelve years old. 1993. Greenwich, Connecticut. It was crazy. So I'm gonna choose Jurassic Park. But I just wanna say Land Before Time was the most amazing fluffer to Jurassic Park. And. It was so important to me that I named my dog — a very friendly golden retriever — Little Foot. So Land Before Time was a very important movie to me but listen. I'm in a Jurassic franchise. And I love Jurassic Park. And I'm a little more mature now, so I can move on from — no, I can't even say I can move on from Land Before Time. I love it.

    BDH: So let's not judge.

    BDH: Lazily because I'm just so tired all of the time. But my husband doesn't deserve that! So lazily currently but I would like to be into some weird shit. I'm in my mid-thirties, and who doesn't want to want to enter their prime in their mid thirties?!

    BDH: I'm a T-Rex! I am. Yeah. "You don't take no for an answer," that is true. I can make the bed, though: it's really important, it's really crucial. It sets up your day!

    You know, T-Rex has a very important role in Jurassic World. I mean, I know you would assume that but it's not in the way you would expect! June 12th.

    Jurassic World opens in theaters everywhere Friday, June 12th.