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Brody Jenner Answers 25 Questions About Love, Sex, And Relationships

"There's someone out there for everyone. You'll be just fine."

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Brody Jenner is known for a lot of things — being a son to Caitlyn, breaking LC's heart on The Hills, and just being an overall attractive dude — but "sex guru" is maybe not the first thing that comes to mind. His new show on E!, however, is about to change that. In honor of his new series Sex With Brody, we asked BuzzFeed writers, the community, and our friends for questions to present Jenner when he stopped by our New York headquarters. So if you're unlucky in love — or just curious — you might find the advice you need below.

1. What in your opinion is the best place/thing to do on a first date?

Something not too romantic. I know that sounds crazy but you don't want to go in too hard right off the bat and have this crazy elaborate romantic thing. You want to be in a setting where you can get the hell out of there quickly, and kind of blend in with the crowd. I would say somewhere that's nice — but not too nice — somewhere that's fun, more like a party type of vibe. Something where there's drinking going on, maybe you're with your friends. I wouldn't go right in for the kill and go for the romance; I would wait a few dates for that.

2. Do you think it’s better to ghost someone, or break up with them for real?

Oh, you gotta break up with them! That’s messed up. Come on, You can’t ghost ‘em like that. I guess I can be old-fashioned like that — you wanna break up with them. Don’t just keep them in the dark.

3. What about post-breakup? Remain friends or never speak again?

Are you talking about friends with benefits? Is that what we're talking about here? 'Cause that's what it sounds like.


Well, I would say the smart thing to do would be to not talk anymore; that would be the right thing to do. I'm not going to say that's what I've done before — I've definitely kept that whole "friends with benefits" thing... but it did not end well.

4. What's the best way to ask a dude to move in together?

I feel like dudes just move in whether you ask them to or not! You know what I mean. I think the guy, if they feel comfortable enough, will just move in.

5. What should someone put in their Tinder bio?

Well, I am not very familiar with Tinder — I’ve never been on it — but maybe the first one should be “Not Creepy”? 'Cause there’s a lot of creepy people on Tinder. Maybe just a quick disclaimer. Lie. Do a lot of lying on Tinder.

6. What’s the best way to get a guy’s attention when you’re out at a bar, etc. Or what’s something you can go up to them and say to break the ice?

I feel like girls are always fighting guys off at bars, always. Usually girls don't really have to do anything except be there. And if alcohol is involved, you're gonna get hit on. No matter what.

7. Should I go on a SECOND date with a very famous porn star?

Well, they get tested every two weeks. I know that so hopefully that's a plus. I know a lot of people — even in this room — who don't get tested that often, so that's a good thing. As long as they pass!


To each their own. As long as you like each other — go for it.

8. What's your favorite opening line to break the ice when first talking to a girl?

I have no idea. I don't, I've never been one for pickup lines. I feel like it just comes to you in the moment and I try to stay away from pickup lines; they're pretty cheesy.

9. How can you show interest in someone without it seeming like you are overeager?

I would say don't blow them up too much. Don't constantly be texting them or calling them, even if you want to, don't. You gotta play it cool and let it happen naturally.

10. What would you say is your ultimate dating deal breaker?

Bad breath is huge, so I would say hygiene. The whole hygiene thing... you gotta have good hygiene. You GOTTA. Also probably someone who's only into themselves, and who only cares about you pleasing them.

11. Are you into girls that text first? And how do you feel about the whole “rules” thing like waiting a few days after a date to text, etc.

Well it's been a long time since I've dated, I feel like. It's been a year and a half now so I'm kind of out of the whole dating game. I never really like to wait. If you're excited and you meet somebody and you sense the chemistry I would say just go for it. Go ahead and text him, call him... I'd suggest text, though. Do the text. Calling can be a little too intimate.

With texting you can always lighten the mood with a little emoji smiley face or something like that. So you don't sound creepy — even though you're being creepy — brush it off with a smiley face, winky face.

12. When’s the right time to have sex with someone: first date, third date, whenever it feels ~right~?

If somebody wants to sleep with me on the first date I'm not going to oppose that — I'm also not going to push it. But if the chemistry is there and you're feeling it, she's feeling it, I say do it whenever feels right.

13. Which songs would you put on a "sex playlist"?

Um, you know, to be honest I'm not a big fan of music or sounds. I like the actual sound of sex itself so I don't really listen to music when I have sex.

14. What’s with guys constantly talking about how they want to hangout and do something, but then they never make plans, but keep talking to you. What is the deal???

That would mean they're not into you. 'Cause if he's into you he's gonna want to hang out. He's being very nice but if somebody's into you they're gonna wanna hang with you.

15. What do you think is the key to a successful long relationship?

Good sex for sure and honesty. I would say being honest with one another regardless of if you're ashamed of your past. Honesty and a good sexual relationship!

16. What’s your stance on dating really really distant relatives?

Well, that would be incest my stance would be THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

17. What is a brand of strap-on that you can recommend to "my friend"?

Wow! Um, one that's under 12 inches, otherwise I think you'll get what we call "blown out."

18. Which emoji is the best for flirting?

The winky face. You can throw something in there that's kind of inappropriate and soften it with a winky face. That's always a good one.

19. And which is the worst?

Maybe the little turd emoji? I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't send that if you're trying to flirt.

20. What do you think shows that a girl is confident?

What does show that a girl is confident? Obviously you can see an overconfident girl by what they're wearing or not. But I really don't know! That's a good question; I'm stumped on that one.

21. How many chances should you give someone until you realize that it’s probably not going to work out and you should just move on?

I'd give 'em one or two chances. After the first time if something happens you give them one chance. If it happens again... ehh... it's up to your discretion... you can do whatever you want but even after the second time...

...outta there.

22. My boyfriend told me he kissed a girl at a club the morning after it happened. He says he’s sorry and was really drunk, but I’m not sure what to do. Is he a cheater? Should I say goodbye, or forgive and move on?

I would say honestly the fact that he told you and you didn't find out on your own — from one of your girlfriends, guy friends, whoever — I would say he's a keeper. Because he's being honest, he feels bad, and he regrets it.

23. What’s the deal with exes who decide to randomly text you out of the blue every once in a while to “check in” and want to “catch up”?

They're trying to have sex. It's plain and simple. "Oh yeah, how is life going?" No. They're trying to hook up.

24. Do you think it’s possible to go from ~strictly being friends~ to ending up in a relationship with someone?

Yeah. I think that's probably the best way a relationship could start, is to be very close friends. Something I didn't touch on earlier is having that person be your best friend in a relationship.

25. How high of standards are too high — will I be single forever?

No. There's somebody out there for everyone. You'll be just fine.

It's true, though! Even if you have a weird fetish... there's a lot of people on this Earth.

Sex With Brody premieres tonight on E! at 10:30 p.m.







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