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    Posted on Jun 20, 2012

    Bristol Palin's Full, Uncensored Bar Fight With The Man Who Called Her Mom "Satan"

    You read about it in the tabloids months and months ago, but Lifetime's Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp has premiered on television and with it, the video evidence.

    For those without video capability, here's the beginning and end of their fight, for your reading enjoyment:

    Heckler: Did you ride Levi like that?

    Heckler: Your mother's a whore!

    Bristol: What'd you say?

    Heckler: Your mother's the fucking devil, dude.

    Bristol: Oh is she?

    Heckler:Yeah, she's the devil.

    Bristol: What'd she do wrong?

    Heckler: She lives, she breathes. If the is a hell — which is don't believe there is one — she will be there.

    Bristol: Okay why is that.

    Heckler: She's evil, she —

    Bristol: All right, is it because you're a homosexual?

    Heckler: Pretty much.

    Bristol: Then that's why you don't like my mom.


    Heckler: Hey, you know what? I met Levi here. He's so much more of a gentleman than you.

    Bristol: You're right, you know, he hasn't seen his kid in a year? So keep talkin'.

    Heckler(s): Well you know what? You're fucking trash. Move on, bitch. You're trash. You're white trash from Wasilla.

    I think my favorite part about the whole scenario is that Bristol had been thrown off of a mechanical bull — while wearing a sweatshirt with a cross on it that reads "EMPOWERED" — just before the Palin-hater started shouting at her.

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