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Bristol Palin's Full, Uncensored Bar Fight With The Man Who Called Her Mom "Satan"

You read about it in the tabloids months and months ago, but Lifetime's Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp has premiered on television and with it, the video evidence.

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For those without video capability, here's the beginning and end of their fight, for your reading enjoyment:

Heckler: Did you ride Levi like that?

Heckler: Your mother's a whore!

Bristol: What'd you say?

Heckler: Your mother's the fucking devil, dude.

Bristol: Oh is she?

Heckler:Yeah, she's the devil.

Bristol: What'd she do wrong?

Heckler: She lives, she breathes. If the is a hell — which is don't believe there is one — she will be there.

Bristol: Okay why is that.

Heckler: She's evil, she —

Bristol: All right, is it because you're a homosexual?

Heckler: Pretty much.

Bristol: Then that's why you don't like my mom.


Heckler: Hey, you know what? I met Levi here. He's so much more of a gentleman than you.

Bristol: You're right, you know, he hasn't seen his kid in a year? So keep talkin'.

Heckler(s): Well you know what? You're fucking trash. Move on, bitch. You're trash. You're white trash from Wasilla.

I think my favorite part about the whole scenario is that Bristol had been thrown off of a mechanical bull — while wearing a sweatshirt with a cross on it that reads "EMPOWERED" — just before the Palin-hater started shouting at her.

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