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    Boris Kodjoe And Nicole Ari Parker Prove How Well They Know Each Other

    The couple — who take their turn as talk show hosts starting today — took the test to prove how well they know each other after 10 years of marriage.

    Nicole Ari Parker has been in the pop culture vernacular for years — ever heard of Boogie Nights or Soul Food? — and her husband of over a decade you know from Love & Basketball, Undercovers, and most recently as the other Phil Miller on Last Man on Earth. Get ready to see these two faces even more: Today they launch The Boris And Nicole Show, a talk show the two will co-host together. And while it might already be the show hosted by the most attractive couple ever, we thought we should put the pair to the test. Let's see how they did.

    What is Nicole’s favorite song to sing in the car?

    Boris: Did we win?

    Nicole: Oh, Gregory Porter!

    Boris: Yeah, you forgot that you like it better [than]...

    Nicole: "Maybe far away..." "It's a hard-knock life for us..." I'll do the medley!

    What does Boris DVR the most?

    Boris: Are we done now, did we win?

    What does Nicole DVR the most?

    Nicole: All of them.

    Boris: This one's easy 'cause it's misery for me.

    Nicole: I mean, SVU, the ones from '70s...

    Boris: EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF EVERY SHOW EVER. My god! Right before bedtime, too.

    Nicole: I'll watch the marathons!

    Boris: It's like murder and torture.

    Nicole: We have the same conversation every night: From the bathroom I'll hear "Babe!" "What?" "You've already seen that one." "No I haven't!"

    Boris: She's seen every episode 50 times.

    Nicole: "I swear, I never saw it!"

    What is Nicole’s favorite emoji?

    Nicole: Hurry up over here, Rembrandt.

    Boris: It's the same! Mine has braces on, but it's the same.

    What is Boris’ favorite emoji?

    Nicole: That's the German deadpan.

    What’s Boris’ favorite cookie?

    Nicole: They're wafers.

    Boris: Actually, in New York they have 'em.

    Nicole: The little pink wafers.

    Boris: They're at the corner store, little pink wafers.

    What’s Nicole’s pet peeve about Boris?

    Nicole: Always on time and brags about it!!! Yeah.

    What’s Boris’ pet peeve about Nicole?

    Nicole: "Never on time for shit!" [laughs] I'm always late, but not my fault. I'm a girl and I have two kids. Takes me longer.

    Boris: Mmm hmm.

    What is Boris’ favorite movie?

    Nicole: Oh!!!

    Boris: Yeah, see? She forgot. I win. Ten years of marriage down the drain, she knows nothing about me.

    What is Nicole's favorite movie?

    Nicole: Shall I start [singing] all over?

    What color underwear is Boris wearing right now?

    Boris: This is embarrassing.

    Nicole: We didn't match. He switched. He had on gray this morning —

    Boris: And then I worked out.

    Nicole: And then he took a shower.

    Boris: And then I put a pink one on.

    Nicole: He likes to coordinate.

    Boris: Because I wear pink. There you have it.

    What is Nicole’s drink of choice?

    Nicole: He doesn't even probably know how to spell it. See? He didn't know about the "donnay." I drink a glass of chardonnay and he gets a buzz, he's such a lightweight.

    What is Boris' drink of choice?

    Boris: Wow, you're off.

    Nicole: Sparkling water!

    Boris: Come on, step it up!

    Who is Nicole’s celebrity crush?

    Nicole: [screams]

    Boris: I'm not so happy about it. Clive Owen, I don't get it. I'm not screaming over here.

    Nicole: I can do his, too.

    Who is Boris' celebrity crush?

    Boris: I mean, I just think she's interesting. It's more like an intellectual connection than anything else.

    What’s the most expensive item Nicole bought recently?

    Nicole: [screams]

    Boris: You better be "ahhh!"

    Nicole: Can we do him next?

    What’s the most expensive item Boris bought recently?

    Nicole: That no one can touch. He's such a guy!

    What is the last thing you two argued over?

    Boris: Don't even say —

    Nicole: He picked the ugliest face ever!

    Boris: No no no, she looked...classy. Very good.

    Nicole: In a drunk, stupid way!

    Boris: She picks the pics where I'm out of focus! Like, half my ear is out of the frame.

    The Boris and Nicole Show debuts TODAY, July 6, on FOX!