There Are Demons Trapped Inside Of Selena Gomez’s Knees

Here’s proof.

1. Some people on the internet think that Selena’s knees look like the face of a baby.

There’s even a blog dedicated to the cause.

2. But it’s pretty clear to me that it’s actually DEMONS that live inside her knees.

FameFlynet Pictures

3. Yup, definitely demons.

Jag Gundu / Getty Images

4. Sometimes the knee-demons are happy!

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

5. Sometimes they’re indifferent.

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

6. But most of the time they’re not happy at all.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

7. Especially at the beach.

FameFlynet Pictures

8. Or at awards shows.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

9. Sometimes, only one of the knee-demons come out.

FameFlynet Pictures

10. But know this: knee-demons appear most often while Selena’s performing.

FameFlynet Pictures
Ethan Miller / Getty Images


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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