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    Are Seth Cohen And Blair Waldorf Dating In Real Life?

    That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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    Adam Brody and Leighton Meester were spotted "hugging and laughing" at an art museum over the weekend and were previously seen out together in December of last year. Even if they're not a couple, does this mean that Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are together in some Gossip Girl/OC alternate universe?

    Lesson of the day: Beyoncé's publicist does not like it when you post semi-unflattering pictures of Queen Bey.

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    Howard Stern asked Russell Brand his thoughts on Katy Perry's new boyfriend, John Mayer:

    "What do you think of your ex dating John? Isn't he a womanizer?" Stern asked.

    "It's worse or better than me — depending on how you view it," Brand replied. "You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them."

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    Donald Trump can't take a joke, is suing Bill Maher for $5 million dollars.

    Pink spoke to Redbook about what makes her — oh, oh, oh — beautiful:

    "Well, I was always considered butch. Feeling beautiful to me is when I feel good in my leather pants and my husband grabs my ass. Or when I'm sitting on a mat and my daughter runs to me with complete joy. Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love. It's about joy. And there's such joy now."

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    Dina Lohan gave an interview to Extra in which she said that she's "been trying to get her out of [L.A.] for five years," "I'm probably the most misunderstood mother in America," and that she "just wants to babysit."


    Alexander Skarsgard gets sexy for a Calvin Klein campaign.

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    How did Jenny McCarthy spend the Super Bowl blackout? By running next door and getting a tattoo on her foot.

    Lady Gaga's assistant is suing her for many things, among them: feeling required to stay in the same bed as Gaga.

    André Leon Talley may soon get his own late-night talk show.

    Nicole Kidman is jealous of Naomi Watts getting all of the Aussie attention this year.

    Michelle Williams is happy that the public loves her relationship with Jason Segel so much.

    Chris Brown and Rihanna ignored Karruche Tran at the club.

    Kim Kardashian wants her own sitcom.

    LeAnn Rimes has been canceling appearances since Brandi Glanville's book was published.

    Jordan Bratman finally moved out of Christina Aguilera's house.

    Florence Welch launched a line of jewelry.

    Meryl Streep, Jean Dujardin, Octavia Spencer, and Christopher Plummer will all present at this year's Oscars.

    The Chris Brown/Frank Ocean police report is quite awful.

    Shenae Grimes and her boyfriend got matching tattoos.

    Bobbi Kristina Brown is totally against Cissy Houston's tell-all book about Whitney.

    Lena Dunham talked about her boobs again, this time to Entertainment Weekly.

    PETA hates that Beyoncé wore snakeskin at the Super Bowl.

    Ron Jeremy is "showing signs of arousal" again, so I guess he's doing better?

    Judy Greer is writing a memoir.

    Denise Richards looks hungry.

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