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Anne Hathaway Hasn't Heard From Katie Holmes Since She Impersonated Her On "SNL"

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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"I have not heard from Katie [since the show aired]. What I really wanted to have happen, because this is the second time I've done Katie. I wanted Katie to come on the show and do me, and I wanted to do this rap about how awesome I think Katie Holmes is. She's on Broadway, and killing it on Broadway, so she was busy."

She also noted that she called up Claire Danes to ask her permission to impersonate her in a Homeland sketch and that she had given her blessing. Maybe she should have called Katie, too?


“Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have appeared in Playboy. I celebrate nudity every day. It’s our first wardrobe. And Mario [Sorrenti] is such an amazing photographer; he brings so much mystery and sensuality to his photographs. We did the photos with no makeup, and we both wanted them to have a very natural feeling. It was more about bringing out a part of myself that has not really been shown to the public, a more honest portrayal of where I am now in my life.”

Charlie Sheen got drunk and gave away his baseball signed by Babe Ruth to Zac Efron.

Jennifer Lawrence will host Saturday Night Live on Jan. 19.

Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas, was brutally attacked in jail.

Demi Moore's daughters are supposedly ignoring her again because she is "off her rocker."

Britney Spears could be getting dumped for the holidays.

Lindsay Lohan is apparently available for hire for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Aww, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling look like besties.

Bette Midler is still waiting for her call from Ryan Murphy to appear on Glee.

Frank Ocean might stop making music and make albums instead.

Leonardo DiCaprio is "getting serious" with his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Nicki Minaj will earn $5 million for a performance on New Year's Eve.

Edward Furlong reportedly exposed his 6-year-old to cocaine.

The gun control statement supposedly written by Morgan Freeman is obviously fake.

Martin Scorsese is in the process of making a Bill Clinton documentary.

Justin Bieber gave away his pet hamster to a fan.

Hilary Duff sounds pretty into morning sex?

James Franco sold a book of poetry.

Ben Feldman also got engaged this year.

Tom Cruise "loves" living inside of hotels.

Brooke Mueller is out of rehab.

Hugh Grant agrees that he was a dick to Jon Stewart.