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Animals March Madness, Round One: Giraffes Vs. Elephants

The kings and queens of African cute face off in a battle for the ages. See the full bracket here and keep track of all the matchups here!

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Exhibit C: Giraffes are really cute when they're scared.

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For example...


Exhibit D: Every Giraffe's "Judging You" Face.

How perfect is this face? It conveys both "Go on, I'm listening" and "Oh, REALLY?" in one single expression. I mean, what a perfect animal to have a conversation with! You can yammer on and on...and the giraffe will just listen to you with this expression. Perfection.

And yes, Matt, this is the face I am making at you IRL for that photo of "drunk and disorderly" giraffes above. Obviously one of them tripped and the other is helping him back up.


Exhibit F: Despite their hefty stature, elephants LOVE playing soccer. Just imagine a team of plump elephants chasing a soccer ball around a field. JUST IMAGINE. Or better yet, look at these chunky chaps play ball: