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23 Times Andy Samberg Killed It As Host Of The Emmy Awards

"Justin Timberlake is not coming."

1. When he announced a very special television reunion...

...that ended up being a wonderful joke about a terrible movie.

2. When he made us all blush with his recollection of a particular scene in last season's Girls.

3. When he compared Paula Deen to Kim Davis.

4. When he pondered some of the "great" Emmy hosts that came before him.

5. And made us think twice about sandwiches.

6. When he introduced LL Cool J.

7. And Adrien Brody.

8. When he made it clear exactly what the night was NOT about.

9. He made some new rules...

10. ...made fun of the category changes...

11. ...mocked the spoiler-heavy montage that aired...

12. ...and made fun of the set with a Back to the Future joke.

13. When he started a fake celebrity feud.

14. And shared his HBO Go password with the world.

15. When he congratulated Hollywood on fixing racism...

16. ...and the wage gap! AND the age gap!

17. He touched on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders...

18. And of course Donald Trump.

19. When he said goodbye to Parks and Rec, Mad Men, and True Detective.

20. There was this excellent gag...

21. ...this gag...

22. ...and this gag about Robert Durst.

23. And finally, the hilarious show opener.

"Have you seen Castle?"