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American Apparel's Newest Model Is Also Their Oldest

Stunning, grey-haired Jacky is likely triple the age of the girls in your average American Apparel photo shoot. But she's also the best.

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Jacky has a whole album dedicated to her on American Apparel's facebook page. It describes the relationship between the model and the brand as such:

There was something so compelling about Jacky's look and energy when we first spotted her in a New York restaurant this winter, we introduced ourselves and pulled up a chair. During a long discussion that touched on everything from career choices and nutrition to insights on relationships, age and beauty, we asked if she would consider being photographed by us. We were thrilled when she agreed. Here are some photos we've taken of Jacky over the last few months showing how she likes to wear American Apparel. We hope you enjoy them.


The responses on AA's facebook page are varied but mostly positive, with many responses like this:


this is rad. I wanna be Jacky when I get old(er).

i wish i can age as gracefully as she did!!!! stunning pictures!!!!!!

She is stunning. The type of woman I would like to be when I get older. She is very natural looking and seems so soft, kind, and a beautiful person inside and out. Love these shots!

dope. keep it up AA.

Others were not as mature:


old people are in?

I am a real,smart,pretty,honest 53 year old Gram and I would not pose with my legs spread like that ever!




If I had to wager a guess on what, exactly, ruffled so many feathers I would put my money on the following snapshot:

A classic American Apparel pose... that we now know was popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker! Never change, Dov Charney.*

Is featuring an older model a ploy for respectability from an otherwise-shady company? Or do you think this is one of the first genuine and cool things AA has done? Jacky's age is currently unknown but I think it's safe to say she's beautiful no matter what is actually is.What do you think, BuzzFeed?