Amazingly Bad Photos From Bruce And Kris Jenner's 22 Years Of Marriage

    The real consequence of their separation is that we won't be getting any more of these beauties.

    Yes, there's a strong chance that you don't give a crap that Bruce and Kris announced their separation yesterday.

    But hear me out for a minute — there IS a devastating and tragic consequence to their split...

    All of their incredible pre-planned matching outfits, poses, and photo shoots.

    Like this photo, which proclaims "Our family cooks best in workout clothes!"

    And this one, which says, "Hey, Bruce! Smell this!"

    And MAN did they love to match each other.

    They loved it so much they forced their entire family to match.

    Like, a lot.

    They REALLY enjoyed their matching family outfits.

    At one point, Bruce got a motorcycle.

    So obviously the whole family needed to dress like bikers, too.

    Probably because Kris really loved a good photo op.

    And Bruce really loved his grey suit.

    And sporting activities of all kinds, which Kris was happy to join in on.

    Also, vacations.

    Lots of them.

    And don't even get me started on your workout tapes.

    So cheers to you two and your 22 years of marriage!

    We won't necessarily miss YOU, but we'll miss your photos for sure.