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Adam Scott And Scott Aukerman Finally Meet Their Idols U2

Their podcast U Talkin' U2 To Me has come full circle.

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The podcast is an appreciation of U2 — the band Aukerman and Scott have loved since they were teens — and after twenty one episodes, the day has come for the the band to appear on the podcast.

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“Thanks for not being creeped out by two guys in their 40s who have a podcast about your band.”

The interview covers all things U2, like the inspiration for their music, life on the road, their new album, and Bono's hand injury — “We’ll find out in about six months,” said the frontman.

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Speaking of the importance of chemistry in a band, Bono said this: “Quincy Jones gave me this line: ‘You’re waiting for God to walk into the room.’ That’s it. And God as it turns out is pretty unreliable…. So if you’re waiting on magic, it’s about relationships”

You can hear the complete interview and extra content by downloading the Howl podcast app, or find the episode on and iTunes.