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Aaron Paul: The Best "Price Is Right" Contestant That Ever Was

Or at least the Breaking Bad star was the most hyperactive contestant that ever was.

The Tonight Show surprised Aaron Paul last night with footage of himself on an episode of The Price Is Right from 14 years ago. (You can watch the full clip here.) The footage was so entertaining that it simply had to be recreated in GIFs.

Aaron Paul, come on down!

And he did.

"You're the man, Bob!"

"You're my idol!"

"$1200 bucks!"

He won the first round.

And got to meet Bob Barker.

He yelled, "I'm touching Bob Barker, YEAH!"

He made it to the Showcase Showdown.

Where he lost.

Aaron says he "was depressed for many, many, many months" after.

And you know that's true by looking at this face of defeat:

Better luck next time, yo.