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How To Host An Amazing Olympics Party

From the food and drinks to the music, atmosphere, and decorations — we've got you covered with these 52 tips!

1. Make edible Olympic torches out of popcorn and ice cream cones

2. Order medals from Etsy to pass out to your guests

3. Buy an array of international beers to serve at your party

4. ...or buy all of your beer from the country you're supporting

5. If you have another TV, set up one of your old Olympic video games for people to play

6. Pour some Olympic shots

7. Order some Royal Jubilee masks

8. Dip red strawberries in white chocolate and blue sprinkles or sugar

9. Make the Olympic rings out of balloons

10. Make a mixtape

11. Use embroidery thread as table decorations

12. Make a red, white, and blue salad

13. Put flag toothpicks in your snacks

14. Make this ice cream cake with the colors of your choosing

15. Put candy in these DIY Olympic candy jars

16. Make your own bedazzled Olympic shirt

17. Order international flag hanging streamers

18. Arrange your snacks by color

19. Class-up Cheetos by turning them into an Olympic torch

20. Make Macrame Olympic Bracelets

21. Make red white and blue sangria

22. Bake this Olympic Rings Fruit Cake

23. Make these fruit pops

24. Serve fish and chips

25. Go crazy with paper decorations and streamers in your team colors

26. Play the "Beer Olympics" drinking game

27. Buy red "white" and blue fruits

28. Bake Olympic donuts

29. Order a batch of professionally-made Olympic cupcakes

30. Bake a blueberry pie if your team colors are blue

31. Bake Olympic Cookies

32. Order sunglasses in the color of your team

33. Bake gold medal salt cookies

34. Make Olympic ring cockails

35. Create a layered punch with your team colors

36. Make simple Olympic rings for your wall with crepe paper

37. Make American flag pops

38. Play Olympics bingo

39. Make these Olympic bagels

40. Decorate a cake with M&Ms or Smarties

41. Get outside and play a game yourself

42. If you have some spare melting beads laying around...

43. Buy plastic beads in every color

44. Jazz up a cake with sprinkles in the color of your choice team!

45. Make Olympic onion rings

46. Make your watermelon patriotic

47. Make wreaths out of leaves, grass, or anything else green in your backyard

48. Put a fake crowd backdrop on your wall

49. Put mini international flags everywhere

50. Serve Goldschlager with every gold medal ceremony

51. You could always order the "Green Man" suit in the color of your team...

52. ...and if all else fails, improvise with what you've got.