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    Posted on Jul 11, 2012

    5 Ridiculous Quotes From A Lady About To Get A Hymenoplasty

    And from her husband, whose idea it was. She's not scared — but she sure is vocal about how loose her vagina is!


    "To be a little blunt about it, it's like throwing a tennis ball down a hallway."


    "In a sense it would be like having your hand in a glove originally and now throwing it into pudding."


    "I think my second son may have come out sideways."


    "Jonny said, 'How would you feel about you and I having your hymen repaired for our 40th wedding anniversary?"


    "I went for the evaluation and I said, 'Our tractor's fine. I need to get the field made smaller.'"

    To see how this lady's lady-part procedure turns out watch TLC's Strange Sex on July 15th (the episode also features the guy who gets off by drinking his wife's breast milk).

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