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    35 Stories Of Animals Being Rescued To Help Brighten Your Day

    In honor of Farm Sanctuary's 35 years.

    For the uninitiated, Farm Sanctuary is an animal protection organization and the first-ever shelter for farm animals in America.

    Founded in 1986, the org has been saving the lives of countless animals for over 35 years now.

    To celebrate, let's take a look back at 35 animal rescues over the years that made an impact on not only the lives of the impacted animals, but also our society as a whole.

    1. Hilda the Sheep

    a furry cow

    2. Liberty and Indigo (Cows)

    a calf and its mother

    3. Benedict the Goat

    a goat in a wheelchair

    4. Monet and Matisse (Ducks)

    two white ducks

    5. Maya the Cow

    a black and white cow

    6. Nikki the Pig and her children

    a pig and her two piglets

    7. Bruno the Steer

    a large steer kissing a sheep

    8. The "Subway Goats": Taylor and Reiman

    two goats

    9. Maxine the Cow

    a cow in the grass

    10. Shirley the Sheep

    a close-up of a sheep

    11. Tilly the Chicken

    a close-up of a chicken

    12. Bruce and Evan (Baby Calves)

    a brown baby calf in the hay

    13. Cincinnati Freedom the Cow

    a white cow

    14. Gus and Roxy (Pigs)

    a black and white pig

    15. The "Yellville Turkeys": John, Paul, George, Ringo

    a woman holding a turkey

    16. Jay the Steer

    17. George the Pig

    a pig frolicking in the flowers

    18. Cyndy Lou the Chicken

    19. Seymour the Water Buffalo

    a water buffalo in a field

    20. Adriano the Sheep

    two sheep in a field

    21. Julia the Pig

    a pig with three piglets

    22. Earl and Ian (Goats)

    three goats

    23. Mia the Pig

    a big spotted pig

    24. Alexander, Lawrence, and Blitzen (Calves)

    three calves running in a field

    25. Gloria Gaynor the Hen

    a peckish hen walking in grass

    26. Amelia the Cow

    a black cow

    27. Officer Cal the Sheep

    a sheep in the grass

    28. Turpentine the Turkey

    a big turkey

    29. Phry the Sheep

    a sheep in a barn

    30. Ginger the Chicken and friends

    a lot of chickens

    31. Bonnie the Cow

    a cow in a field

    32. Hercules, Nemo, and Sebastian (Goats)

    three goats in a barn

    33. Mad Max the Hen

    a couple of hens

    34. Sonny the Calf

    a cow jumping with legs in the air

    35. Ryan the Goose and Hemingway the Goat

    a goose and a goat