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31 Attractive AF Men On Team USA That Are Also On Instagram

God bless the Olympics.

1. Miles Chamley-Watson, Fencing

2. Conor Dwyer, Swimming

3. Shakur Stevenson, Boxing

4. Connor Fields, Cyclist

5. Carmelo Anthony, Basketball

6. Jake Kaminski, Archery

7. Daryl Homer, Fencing

8. Nathan Schrimsher, Pentathalon

9. Kyrie Irving, Basketball

10. Casey Eichfeld, Canoe Slalom

11. Nico Henandez, Boxing

12. Taylor Phinney, Cyclist

13. Trayvon Bromell, Track and Field

14. Howard Shu, Badminton

15. Charles Jock, Track and Field

16. Michael Phelps, Swimming

17. Kevin Durant, Basketball

18. Jason Pryor, Fencing

19. Jake Dalton, Gymnastics

20. Gary Russell, Boxing

21. Cyrus Hostetler, Track and Field

22. Colton Brown, Judo

23. Jack Sock, Tennis

24. Sam Dorman, Diving

25. Devon Allen, Track and Field

26. Ben Kanute, Triatholon

27. Jimmy Feigen, Swimming

28. Boris Berian, Track and Field

29. Casey Patt, Vollleyball

30. Charlie Buckingham, Sailing

31. Ryan Lochte, Swimming

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