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    29 Reasons Why Tony Danza Should Run For Mayor Of New York City

    Danza has casually mentioned his interest in running for Mayor of New York City and I could not agree with this idea more! Here are 29 reasons why he'd do a fantastic job running the greatest city in the world.

    29. Tony Danza was born and raised in Brooklyn.

    28. He still takes the NYC subway.


    27. NYC Taxis? He's practically an expert.

    26. He could throw out the first pitch at a Yankees or Mets game with ease.

    Robert Galbraith / Reuters

    25. Tony is intimately familiar with Central Park.

    24. He can whip out his Spidey-suit and kick some bad guy ass if we ever needed him to.

    23. He and his famous Hollywood friends already support NYC sporting events, like the U.S. Open.

    22. He can sing!

    ...and we know how much America loves that:

    21. He can ballroom dance! Which is important for balls, galas, and other fancy-pants events.

    20. He will investigate anything that needs to be investigated, including JGL's abs.

    19. He takes his grocery shopping very seriously, so he *probably* wouldn't allow for any Wal Mart's in Manhattan.

    18. He hangs out with ex-presidents.

    17. He will dance in the New York City streets when asked to.


    16. He's not afraid to put Elliott Stabler in his place.

    15. Or Muhammad Ali, for that matter.

    14. He's been a boxer for his entire life so he can kick anyone's ass, really.

    13. He supports local theater.

    12. He feeds the homeless.

    11. He would *probably* be down for a Brony Con here in NYC, just based upon the following image:

    10. He relates well with the youth vote (or can at least buy their friendship with ice cream).

    9. He doesn't judge his longtime friends despite how funny their new mustache is (we're looking at you, Steve Guttenberg!!)

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    8. He has a great rapport with people, as seen on his daytime talk show.


    7. He *probably* wouldn't be above silly-yet-informative performances in high school auditoriums, which this city needs!

    Rick Wilking / Reuters

    6. He's friends with the Fonz! (Any friend of Henry Winkler's can't be bad.)


    5. The man can cook, which is important if he wants to uphold Bloomberg's restaurant ratings system.

    4. When it comes down to it, he could persuade the opposition using only his looks...

    3. Like this.

    2. and this.

    And the number one reason why Tony Danza should be mayor of New York city...

    1. He's the boss.