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    24 Utterly Annoying Celebrity Complaints On Twitter

    The following tweets are truly the definition of #FirstWorldProblems. As highlighted by the delightful Twitter account @CelebComplaint.

    1. Aaron Carter's limo driver was probably just getting back at him for yelling at him:

    2. RIP, Nicky Hilton's platinum card:

    3. Being a One Directioner is hard:

    4. Ashton Kutcher doesn't like to bitch on Twitter...but totally does, all of the time:

    5. Mike Sorrentino had a little trouble with the "G" part of GTL:

    6. Please don't send any doppelgänger pics to Simon Pegg, he doesn't find them flattering:

    7. Lisa Rinna is SO hungry that she had to tell the world about her cover shoot:

    8. Kelly Osbourne was really hungry one time too:

    9. Marlon Wayans has little tolerance for infants:

    10. Ellie Goulding learned that "anything can happen" to her favorite candy, as well:

    11. Jim Norton give the NYC subway system a chance:

    12. Ri-Ri was sad one time about feeling ill:

    13. Seaweed is ONLY good when it's dry, according to Chloë Moretz:

    14. Tyra had some mouth issues one day:

    15. Wiz Khalifa should maybe invest in a vaporizer instead:

    16. Shannon Elizabeth needs a vacation:

    17. Mario Lopez had a cold:

    18. Anderson Cooper waited a week too long before going to the dentist:

    19. Kirstie Alley's time is money, people:

    20. AT&T should realize that NPH needs good internet so that we can see all of the food he eats:

    21. Sarah Silverman would prefer if you ate with your mouth closed:

    22. Josh Groban needs a nap:

    23. Tay-Tay Swift should invest in multiple pairs of scissors:

    24. and Tyler, The Creator ought to review the Instagram Terms of Service: