20 Totally Bizarre Snooki-Inspired Items

Not going to lie: a few of these are totally disturbing. Who would buy these things?

1. Snooki Bot

2. Snooki Hairball

4. “Snooki Meets Venus” Sculpture

6. Snooki Prayer Candle

7. The Snooki “Love Doll”

8. Snooki Munny Toy

9. Clay Snooki

(Who happens to hang out with Clay Amy Winehouse)

10. Snooki Crotcheted Amigurumi Doll

11. Talking Snooki Bobblehead

12. Snooki Pendant

13. Sparkly Drunk Snooki Doll

14. Snooki Cabbage Patch Doll

15. Another Troll Snooki

16. Snooki Ornament

17. Snooki Nesting Doll

Alongside The Situation, JWoww, Pauly D, Angelina, and Ronnie

18. Snooki Talking Pen

19. Snooki Hair Bow

20. This Totally-Disturbing Snooki Brooch

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