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19 Times Henry Cavill's Jawline Was Out Of Control

More like Jaw Of Steel, am I right?

1. When he just stood there looking like a real-life superhero.

2. When he modeled for Men's Fitness and it was sensory overload.

3. When he raised his eyebrow and held a mic close to his face.

4. When he gazed at Amy Adams in Man of Steel.

5. The time he turned and smiled just the littlest bit and we melted.

6. When he smile-smirked like this and his jaw could basically cut glass.

7. When he gave us the five o'clock shadow.

8. When he gave us full scruff on the red carpet and we were like WE CAN STILL SEE YOUR JAWLINE, HENRY.

9. When he stood next to Ben Affleck at Comic Con and all we could do was compare jawlines (sorry, Ben Affleck).

10. When he wore glasses as Clark Kent.

11. How about the time he had beautiful curls that *almost* distracted us away from his jawline?

12. When he made this adorable face and it was the cutest.

I must admit that there have been some dark times as well.

But he won an award despite hiding his face from the world, so that's something!

13. OK, back to clean-shaven Henry!

14. Any time he turns to the side...

15. ...like this...

16. ...or this...

17. ...it's simply TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.


19. Only Henry Cavill and his impeccable jawline can.

Thank you, Henry, for just plain existing.


Thanks to @rachsyens for the incredibly sexy idea!